Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fausto really hates outfielders (plus bonus haiku)

So many assists.
Fausto is infielders' dream.
Garko mad putouts.

Three balls to outfield?
Sizemore and Michaels hate him.
Face-pie Guttierez.

Victor is the man;
He blocked out Covelli Crisp.
Tape your blisters, Josh.

Wednesday's game:

Groundout, groundout, strikeout.
Walk, double play, groundout.
Groundout, strikeout, strikeout.
Groundout, hit by pitch, strikeout, strikeout.
FLYOUT to center, groundout, walk, FC groundout.
IF lineout, infield single, groundout, infield single (out at home).
Groundout, strikeout, IF lineout.
SINGLE to right, FLYOUT to center, CS, infield single, CS.
And Borowski is better, obviously:
Strikeout, strikeout, popout.