Monday, November 30, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-Ravens tonight

Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens
November 30, 2015

Ravens 23, Browns 20

Johnny Manziel had a 95 rating against the Steelers. He's not that bad! He's the starter! He is an immature lying 13 year old to dad Pettine. He's benched! Dammit! The Browns better just be punishing him one week, because they need to start him before the damn draft. Shoot, they'll probably win with McCown, both hurting the draft position for the Browns AND giving us no knowledge about Manziel! Yay being a Browns fan! Not that anyone gives a crap about this game after last night's Broncos-Patriots masterpiece. Shit, even ESPN knows it and is trolling both teams!

Ravens 14, Browns 13

Time for Austin Davis? Who knows what's happening with this team anymore. What a Lost season.
Browns 17, Ravens 13

It would be just like the Browns to win a meaningless game with draft position at stake against a division rival. As Cleveland sports talker Tony Rizzo says, What's the difference between 2-14 and 5-11. Please, please let this awful season end.
Browns 27, Ravens 13

This team blows, but Baltimore is injured. At least we have a drum line (that is coming through the Muni Lot as I type this).

Browns 22, Ravens 17

In this space three months ago, I predicted the Browns would find three wins this season. Tonight marks that third win.

Browns 16, Ravens More than 16

Ryan: 24 beers.

Ravens 32, Browns 28

On the way home from work, I heard a debate on one of the sports talk shows over who was worse for the Browns franchise - Farmer or the Banner/Lombardi combo. I laughed and then cried. Then answered Holmgren. I swear, it's like being trapped in Hell in a Cell... with no door. (Did you think I'd let a whole season go by without one wrestling reference?)