Friday, November 13, 2015

It's time the Browns stop f_cking around and start Johnny Manziel

So it's Friday before yet another Browns-Steelers game, one in which the Browns hopefully show up. And even though Coach Mike Pettine seems to know who is going to start at QB this weekend, he's not telling. Word is, however, it will be Johnny Manziel again. It's more than clear that Pettine hates Manziel, maybe as a player, maybe as a human being, I'm just not sure. And it's pretty clear to everyone that Josh McCown (while healthy) actually does give the Browns a better chance at winning--this year. Hey guys, McCown's not that bad!

This is the warmest look Pettine has ever given Manziel.
(Photo via John Kuntz/

That said, this is clearly now a long game; the Browns season is over. The charade of them being competent last year in last year's AFC South feast is now over. They sit at 2-7, all but eliminated from the playoffs, in a damn era where the Steelers and Ravens kinda suck. The Browns--the organization, no matter who voted 'yes' or 'no'--drafted Johnny Manziel in the first round a year ago. He has not been given the controls yet, and for good reason in the past. Last year was an unmitigated disaster, but this year has been far from that. He has looked downright encouraging at times, (although the all-22 analysis shows some major flaws in his game.) That said, Browns fans do not have the patience for the team to just give up on Manziel and spend another top pick on a QB next year without running him through the paces.

Start Manziel now and for the rest of the year. If he sucks, at least we'll know it. If McCown starts and wins the rest of the games, he may save Pettine's 2015 season, but not the Browns'. And that old guy isn't the future. The Browns need a future. They just don't know if they have it yet, and Mike Pettine doesn't seem to find out, because it could mean his job. If the Browns need to order Pettine to do it, and guarantee next year's contract, do it. Just start Manziel, and then draft based on what we learn.