Sunday, November 1, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-Cardinals today

Cleveland Browns vs. Arizona Cardinals

November 1, 2015

Cardinals 27, Browns 23

Unlike the Buckeyes, at least the Browns don't have their starting quarterback involved in an alcohol and moving vehicle situation.

Cardinals 28, Browns 17

Trade winds are actually blowing and time on the 2015 season is running out. Time to reset again, it seems. How the Browns sell yet another reset will be laughable. At least they have fancy new uniforms and the Dawg Pound, I guess.
Cardinals 34, Browns 17

Last week's pathetic performance against a mediocre Rams team was the tipping point for the 2015 season. The next three games before the bye against the Cardinals, Bengals and Steelers will officially send this franchise crashing down for another year, likely with another round of front office changes come the off-season. It sucks, but such is our lot as Browns fans.
Cardinals 24, Browns 17

I want to pick the Browns again but just can't. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me five times, shame on me. The Factory of Sadness is alive and well and I am a proud season ticket holder in this disgrace.

Cards 30, Browns 19

In a few hours, Bruce Arians will improve to 23-11 as an NFL Head Coach. He loves the Browns, Cleveland's fan base, and considered our vacancy, back in January 2013, to be his dream job. He was even calling the plays the last time we made the playoffs. Virtually every league insider believed he was a solid candidate, but our owner wouldn't even give Arians a courtesy interview.

Nothing angers me more than the helpless realization that we are cursed to reap what Hotspur Haslam sows.
Cardinals 33, Browns 17

It's looking like a beautiful day for football, but I ache for the day in Cleveland when I can say it looks like a day for beautiful football.

Cardinals 31, Browns 17

The Arizona Cardinals have never beaten the Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium and haven't won in Cleveland since 1985, when they were the St. Louis Cardinals and Doc Brown was introducing Marty McFly to the flux capacitor. Granted, we don't see the Cardinals that often, but that is still an amazing bit of info considering the futility of our beloved team for the last decade and a half.