Sunday, October 20, 2013

What we think the Browns will do against the Packers today (Week 7)

altCleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers

October 20, 2013

Packers 17
Browns 13

I'm thinking the Browns defense stiffens up, but not convinced that Brandon Weeden and the offense plays like more than stiffs.


Packers 17
Browns 10

Long day for the defense as the offense cannot stay on the field. The second half woes from last week return.


Packers 24
Browns 14

Draft talk cranks up as the Browns Weeden their way into obscurity once more. 

Packers 21
Browns 13

Even with a stout defense, the Browns have a better chance of discount-double-checking the girl from 4E than they do Aaron Rodgers.

Packers 28
Browns 14

Either Jason Campbell is REALLY bad, doesn't want to play (as reported by some), or did something to one or more of Chud's and/or Norv's family members. Signing this guy only to have him sit behind a 30 year old sophomore with the football IQ of my 8 year old is as perplexing as Dolph Ziggler's recent mid-card job-a-thon demotion.


Packers 24
Browns 20

Playoff dreams are turning into top 10 draft pick nightmare.


Browns XX
Packers XX

No pick this week