Sunday, October 27, 2013

Buckeyes Trick-or-Treat payback for Penn State, 19 years later

AP Photo/Paul Vernon
I'm dating myself here, but I still remember 19 years ago. My one and only trip to Athens, OH for OU Halloween. My good friend and Cleveland Sports torturee Doug hosted me in his fine dorm, and after checking out (in person) the OU game (OU would end up winless, and I think there was normally more fans at a Brush Arcs game), we found our way to the TV as the rest of Athens hit the bars. Because we needed to check out Ohio State vs. the #1 Penn State Nittany Lions.

It didn't end up well. Penn State 63, Ohio State 14. Uggh. That game still burns at me, equal with the 13-9 game v Michigan the next year. Here is the video proof if (a) you like pain or (b) you were in diapers when this happened.

Yesterday's game in Columbus--a whole lot sweeter. Like a Butterfinger on Halloween vs. a Bit-O-Honey. And an ironic 63-14 ass kicking courtesy of the Bucks. Braxton Miller looked great. Kenny Guiton equally awesome (can you believe that guy?), Carlos Hyde is playing himself into Ohio State lore, and the national title hopes stay alive. As top 10 teams keep stumbling, Urban Meyer didn't let any lack of focus creep in. Well done. And sweet revenge, for those old enough to remember.