Sunday, October 27, 2013

What we think the Browns will do against the Chiefs today (Week 8)

altCleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs

October 27, 2013

Chiefs 23
Browns 13

On the bright side, there is no way that Jason Campbell can be worse than the recent Weeden performances, so I don't think this changes the Browns' chances dramatically for the worse. That said, Jason is going to have a long day. And I am starting to get really nervous about any "Top QB" available in the draft.


Chiefs 28
Browns 13

Starting Campbell signals the beginning of the end for the Browns season. The defense is solid, but cannot be expected to win a game. Unless Alex Smith throws 2+ ints that give the Browns a short field, I see no way that they win this game.


Chiefs 17
Browns 9

The Chiefs are this year's turnaround team, bolstered by a solid defense and a QB that doesn't make mistakes. Browns will have to establish the run on KC and force Alex Smith into a couple of picks. Un-bloody-likely. 

Chiefs 13
Browns 6
Grab your dreidel and deli; this is the Hebrew Brother Bowl! Geoff Schwartz vs. Mitch Schwartz. There's a bad joke here somewhere about both brothers playing O-line and not letting pass rushers get their quarter back...but I'm Jewish so I won't tell it.

Chiefs 28
Browns 9
Some of us were hoping the Browns would go after KC's Alex Smith in the off season, but the geniuses in Berea didn't see the need for an experienced, proven QB. The Chiefs are undefeated and we're on our 4th change at QB in just half of a season. Maybe the plan was to tank, but that doesn't make sitting through these clunkers on Sunday an easier.


Browns 17

Chiefs 14

I think the Browns D comes up big and Campbell does just enough to get the win this week.


Browns XX
Chiefs XX

No pick this week