Friday, October 11, 2013

Steve Harvey hosts Browns fans today, with a surprise switcharoo

If you're looking for some fine afternoon television viewing this afternoon...

The Steve Harvey Show reached out to some fine Browns fans here in Chicago a few weeks ago, inviting some to a show about football fans and their spouses. I couldn't make it personally, but Terrence, a fine, rabid Browns fan who frequents the Red Ivy Browns Backers on Sundays on Clark Street, was able to make it downtown, to talk with Steve about the interaction between a diehard football fan and a "football widow."

Steve Harvey, it turns out, is a huge Browns fan. He's a Glenville High School grad and in fact, started his comedy career at Hilarities in Cleveland in 1985. And his new show, of course, has a ton of Cleveland roots as well.  But this date, the joke, unintentionally, turns out to be on the Browns fans (and Steve Harvey producers,) (or at least, on this day, it appeared it did.)

During the taping, the video screen lit up and showed (then-)star (then-)Cleveland Brown running back Trent Richardson come on and give Terrence a shout out, inviting him and his wife, all expenses paid, to Cleveland in December to see the Steelers game. As can be expected, the couple was ecstatic! All was well...until the show ended and they left the green room, switching their e-devices on again... find, waiting from them, dozens of texts and Facebook taunts, breaking the news that, during the show, the Browns traded Trent Richardson to the Colts.

At the time, in the midst of "The Browns are punting the season", "Tanking For Teddy," and all that, this looked like yet another nut punch for Browns fans. Of course, since that date, the Browns haven't lost a game and many people who thought the Browns were just waving a white flag now think the Browns may have won this trade, and not just by a little bit. Some may think Trent Richardson is the cause for this "Ewing Theory," but perhaps Steve Harvey is the talisman the team needs. Cleveland may not be the home of championships (lately), but certainly we have our share of talk show hosts.

 Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing how today's episode turns out. I'm rooting for (a) Mr. Terrence being given a First Class Bus Ride to Indianapolis to see Mr. Richardson run in his new colors, or (b) the Steve Harvey show editing the clip, Japanese kung-fu movie style, putting the words "Chris Ogbonnaya" where "Trent Richardson" once existed.

The Steve Harvey Show is on Fox 8 WJW in Cleveland at 2PM Eastern, WMAQ NBC 5 in Chicago at 2PM Central, or check your local listings.