Sunday, September 9, 2012

What we think will happen in the NFL this year....

Cleveland Browns and the NFL
2012 Season Predictions


Browns: 6-10

Super Bowl: Packers over Patriots
Preseason schedule strength means almost nothing--as last year's supposedly "easy" Browns schedule ended up being the sixth hardest in the league. If Richardson can stay healthy and Weeden can stay off his back the Browns might have an offense actually worth watching after a few games.

Browns: 5-11

Super Bowl:
Packers over Patriots
Young Browns will show improvement but there's too many injuries and too much uncertainty to overcome for true progress.

Browns: 4-12

Super Bowl:
49ers over Texans
I'm usually a glass half-empty type of guy. But this year, my Browns glass has only the last few disgusting drops of backwash. The kind you close your eyes, plug your nose, and swallow because it's there--not because you enjoy it. I'm setting the max at 5-11 but am thinking we're looking at an all-too-familiar 4-12.

Browns: 3-13

Super Bowl:
Cowboys over Ravens
Rough schedule, rookie QB, key injuries/suspensions, and the worst coach in the NFL. Still, I'll stay optimistic and say we'll find three wins.

Browns: 6-10

Super Bowl:
Patriots over Packers
Young Browns team struggles to find their way.

Browns: 3-13

Super Bowl: