Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thome to the Tribe? You're kidding, right?

Cleveland, how quickly we forget.

Do we not remember what Carlos Boozer, I mean Art Modell, I mean Lebron James, I mean Jim Thome did to us? He told us he loved us, he said we were his rock (or maybe he said that about his wife), that we would have to "Rip the jersey off (his) back". Or grease it with a little cash, I guess. Jim Thome lied to us. DO WE NOT REMEMBER?!

Would any of you take Lebron James back? Jim Thome did the same thing! (Minus that little TV show on ESPN) You always knew Lebron might jump ship, he wanted/wants to be a global icon and he never gave a damn about Cleveland, and never really even pretended to. "The Thomenator" flat out told us he wouldn't leave, said it wasn't about the money, and then left for the biggest pot of gold he could find.

I'm told time heals all wounds, well...not for this guy.

I don't fault Manny for leaving. Or Albert Belle. Or even Cliff Lee. (Yes, I know he was traded--but he was going to be leaving), I would even have taken them back on the Tribe. They never lied to me. They never pretended to be something they weren't. They never pretended to love me.

So if the Tribe does add Thome you won't see me cheering about it. I would much rather win with guys I can respect.

I am now reading rumors on Twitter how he might veto a trade to the Tribe because he wants to go to Philly.

That's funny. And not the least bit surprising.