Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm not sure what to think of this picture

AP Photo/Amy Sancetta
Sure, it's nice to see Jim Tressel up and about. I've never been one of the staunch defenders of Coach Tressel; something always stuck at me, maybe it's the battered-wife-syndrome of being a Cleveland fan, but so much of Tressel's empty quotes struck me as utter bullcrap.

Never did I think he was a rulebreaker though. I just didn't think he was ever candid. And that, at the end, is what finished him as a big-time college coach. He definitely broke the rules, and the rule here was to be candid and report everything you know, as is clearly written in the rules and your signed contracts and agreeements.

That being said, Jim Tressel visited the Browns' camp today. I've long wondered if Jim Tressel would be an interesting pro coach. I'm not sure his style would translate cleanly to the pro game, but I'm willing to bet he can wring the best out of an undertalented but highly devoted group of players. That kind of coaching would never work in the NBA (because those players don't exist), but football players, who are often very aware of their longevity, may have eaten it up.

What I don't understand is--palling around with Lloyd Carr?  Speaking of beaten-wife-syndrome...