Friday, August 5, 2011

Ohio State players sport silly bands

This story had escaped my attention until just now but seems like a few Buckeye football players (freshman, it seems) were wearing "JT" wristbands to support departed coach Jim Tressel. Then today Ohio State University made them stop wearing them, and reimbursed them the money they apparently paid a staffer for them.

A couple things:
-This loyalty is understandable, as Tressel (and his staff) recruited these players, sometimes for years
-These kids (hopefully) don't understand that wearing something like that pokes a finger into the eye of the university and NCAA in some sort of misguided show of support for a discredited coach who will never coach at a high level again
-But it's no big deal. It's not a huge poke in the eye--it's basically on the same level as Terrelle Pryor wearing eye black supporting Michael Vick. Distasteful maybe, unwise certainly, important not at all.