Thursday, May 12, 2011

What an Indians fan wears during a monsoon at Wrigley Field

While last night in Cleveland, David Price rained on the Cleveland Indians, breaking their 14-game home winning streak, I found myself at the Cubs-Cardinals game at Wrigley Field. 

Like Doug wrote earlier today, attendance still hasn't come around at Progressive Field, despite the early season success of the Tribe.  But the Indians aren't alone.  Wrigley Field was maybe 60-70% full last night, and probably a third of those people were Cardinals fans.  Even though rain was in the forecast, it was still 80 degrees out and everyone in Chicago must have been glad to feel some warm temperatures for one of the first times this "spring."  However, attending the Cubs-Cards must not have felt like the biggest attraction in town.  Or even in Wrigleyville, as the sidewalk tables at bars across the neighborhood were pretty crowded.

The nice evening held out until the third inning, when an absolute monsoon rolled across the field, led by a wall of eerie-looking clouds, and opening up the skies in a half-hour deluge punctuated by a spectacular lightning show.  Naturally, I came prepared with my trusty poncho.  Sorry about the picture quality, but it was a mild hurricane after all...