Monday, May 30, 2011

ESPN manages to kick Cleveland again, includes C-bus and Cincinnati too this time

What is it about ESPN?  You don't have to be an aguished Clevelander to wonder why the hell ESPN feels the need to rub salt in the wound any time they can regarding painful Cleveland Sports moments.  Not a Cavs playoff game passed by without showing The Shot repeatedly.  No elimination game could happen without mentioning John Elway or Jose Mesa.  But today is ridiculous.

Jim Tressel quits, Ohio State, and ESPN continues the "Why is Ohio so miserable" invented storyline with a graphic instructing Ohio to "shake it off."

"_______ Off" is my only response.

Oh, and this:

Indians:  Best record in the American League.  Crushing expectations of everyone at ESPN, and they can't stand it.

Browns:  Peyton Hillis gets Madden cover, to the dismay of ESPN SportsNation hosts.

Cavaliers:  Pull off amazing odds for two top 4 picks in next month's NBA Draft.

Reds:  Hanging tough at .500 in the weak NL Central.

Akron Zips:  National Champions.

--thanks to @TheRealCWilson for the picture on Twitpic.