Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things ESPN.com thinks are bigger stories than Indians-Red Sox today

The Indians have the best record in baseball.  And, hey everybody!, it's not April any more, it's May 24, and the Tribe is winning at a .667 clip.  Last night, on ESPN2, sparked by Manny Acta's ejection, the Tribe put together a wonderful comeback, punctuated with the "hottest hitter in the world" Asdrubal Cabrera's game winning double.  Then our Pure-Rage-havin', mullet-sporting, fist-pumping closer Chris Perez came in, got in a jam, and got a game clinching double play.  Rejoicing throughout the land.

Someone on Twitter last night (sorry, couldn't find it), made a crack about "ESPN's top story will be 'How will the Red Sox overcome Pedroia's injury'", and continue their ignoring of the Indians.  Then in the Sportscenter open, the LeBron James 'Decision' was referenced regarding the Indians' hot streak.  Quite lazy, and also just another excuse to criticize Clevelanders if we complain about it with the tired storyline "they can't get over it."  Whatever.  I don't normally believe in grudges, but lately, ESPN's coverage of the Cavs, Indians, and Browns seem very curious.

If it's because I heckled Gary Miller at Wrigley Field in 1998, after he was arrested for urinating out a window in the Flats, I apologize to all Cleveland sports fans.

But lo and behold, here's what ESPN has featured on their homepage this morning, all bigger stories than Indians-Red Sox.

  • Dallas' miraculous comeback vs. Oklahoma City in the Western Conference Finals
  • Boston Bruins beat the lightning
  • Baseball Trade column
  • French Open opening day
  • Joakim Noah fined $50K for his anti-gay slur toward a fan
  • NFL lockout cancels rookie event.
  • Dodgers scumbag erased for Giants fan beating
  • Josh Hamilton returns, hits homer in Rangers win.
  • Penn State coach moving to Navy
  • Brewers win behind Corey Hart's three homers
  • And finally, a single-A game went 23 innings.

See any mention of Red Sox-Indians there?  And that's a game that was on ESPN2 last night!  I wonder if they would have featured the game if the Red Sox had held on.