Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lotto luck: Thank you, Clippers!

Meet your newest Cavalier?

With the owner's son Nick behind the podium and Joe Haden, Josh Cribbs and Ser Bernie Kosar representing from the stands, the Cleveland Cavaliers came away from the 2011 NBA draft lottery with some sweet swag. Even in a reportedly weak draft, snagging the #1 and #4 picks overall is a very nice haul for a team desperate for impact players.

We're always going on about the ill luck of our pro franchises, but Cleveland beat the odds quite smashingly tonight. After the Cavaliers' natural pick dropped to #4, they had a 2.8% chance of getting the first selection by way of the Clippers' pick. Eat it, fates! C-town came out ahead this time. When this all shakes out, as Brian Windhorst tweeted tonight,  it's likely that the Cavs will have traded Mo Williams for Duke PG Kyrie Irving and Baron Davis.

Sounds like a plan. Time for the Cavs' rebuilding effort to get going in earnest. It's a rough road ahead, but tonight's a good start.