Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Round Two arrives...finally....

After only a week+ rest, the Cleveland Cavaliers finally return to action Tuesday night at the Q versus the Atlanta Hawks.

Not much to say about this series, in one humble fan's opinion, this shouldn't be much of a series. And that fan is the ugly white guy who sits next to Magic Johnson in the ESPN studios. After game 7 of the Heat-Hawks series, Tim Legler Jon Barry (I guess) ripped the Hawks for the "worst series of all time", especially after the spectacular Bulls-Celtics first round series, which many called the best of all times. (That one went to overtime in 5 games, while EACH of the seven games in the Hawks-Heat was won by more than 10 points.)

Basically Barry said, "congratulations Hawks, it took you seven games to beat a one man team, now go to Cleveland, play your four games, and go home for the summer."

I hope it's that easy. The Cavaliers are obviously playing near the top of their game all year. As has been talked about ad naseum, the Cavs' team unity is second to none, and showed up again at the very nice ceremony at St. Vincent-St. Mary for LeBron's first MVP award. The whole team got up on stage, LeBron gave them a (kinda small) gift and definitely gave them a ton of credit. He didn't use the line he should have used, though. "I'd much rather be MVP of the NBA Finals this year. Or have Z be the MVP, or Mo, or Delonte, or Andy....."

The Hawks did win one of the four games versus Cleveland this year, but of course, not in Cleveland. Even with that one regular season win, I can't see this going more than 5 games, but my money is on another sweep. The Cavaliers have the intensity not to look past any games.

We'll see. This will be a nice test.