Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't Even Bother with the Game Tonight

Written by to Tim Povtak on AOL fanhouse

"There are four teams remaining in the hunt for the 2009 NBA title ? all
good teams, too ? but only three of the four have the essential ingredient
that champions have had throughout the last 30 years. The Cavaliers will
be left out in the cold. Sorry, Cleveland, but maybe free agency this
summer will bring you what you need: A second star."


I also love this quote

"Yes, the Cavs won 66 games during the regular season ? most in the league
? but that doesn't mean anything at playoff time, when teams have so much
more time to prepare. Teams, at this stage, are too good defensively to
let any one player beat them"

I guess in 2007 Detroit wasn't "too good defensively" to let Lebron beat
them. Wait a second didn't he score 29 of the last 30 point in regulation
and overtime in game 5?

However, if Moe and Delonte, Z and everyone on the bench do not shoot
better we are going to be in big trouble. I also don't think that Orlando
is going to shoot lights out during every game in this series, and our
defense can only get better.

Should be a fun game tonight....if you want to waste your time since we
can't win with only Lebron.

Here's the link to the whole article

In case you were wondering, at lunch yesterday I saw Hedu Turkoglu hanging
out with a friend and no he doesn't smile and laugh all the time, that
only happens going into and coming out of timeouts during games.(hopefully
I'm not the only one who noticed that Wednesday)

fyi, I posted this through email so hopefully the formatting is OK because
lotus notes sucks.