Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ah, Sir Charles, you lovable rogue

Orlando smote the Celts tonight, and good ol' Chuck Barkley already has the Magic beating the Cavs in the ECF. (CST contributer Froms sent me several rage-filled texts concerning this matter.) The former deodorant pitchman, midget tosser*, and little girl spitter-uponer says the Cavs have a chance if LeBron goes "ballistic." Well, I guess it wouldn't be Cleveland if we weren't the 'dogs. Regardless, there should be plenty of media fodder to dissect over the next couple of days before the fun starts...keep ya head up, Cavs fans. Let's put this team on our backs! The playoffs are about to get very intersting...

*My favorite Barkley quote took place when someone asked him if he "regretted" throwing a man through a bar window.

"Yeah, I regret we weren't on a higher floor," Barkley replied. Heh.