Saturday, March 1, 2008

Some positive signs of you-neh-tee

First of all, great post Froms, nice detailed breakdown of the trade, just the kind of insighted (not really a word in the King's English) post we need here, free of idiotic wrestling talk!

Living in Chicago for the last five weeks, I've only been able to see a couple Cavs games, and none since the trade. That should change Sunday when they're on national TV against, of course, the Bulls, a game that would have been on here anyway. I hope to get out and see them live in Chicago on Thursday. Of course the game I actually have tickets for is Bulls vs. Grizzlies or whatever Memphis is called on Tuesday...a game I have no rooting interest in whatsoever. I guess I can root for Drew Gooden in total good faith still.

WAIT--A break here, I just saw Steve Bellasari on SportsCenter--Wow two SC references in one night for me!! He threw for 210 yards, 3 TDs and 3 picks in an arena game. I'm sure Roger Brown is wondering why NFL teams aren't knocking down his door after that game.

Ok back to the purpose of my post. Didn't get to see the game live tonight vs. the North Stars, but the AP article had a nice blurb:

There may be even more bad news for the Cavaliers' upcoming opponents. The four players acquired in the Feb. 21 three-team, 11-player trade are meshing with their new teammates."Delonte is a push guard," James said. "I'm starting to realize I can just run the floor and get down the lane quicker. That's what I'm good at.""That's the result of more practices," said West, who added 12 points. "We have guys here who have been in the league. It's not that hard to pick up guys' tendencies."
Maybe everyone's getting on the same page, as Froms wished for, after all.