Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Hope We know What We're Doing

"Give Savage the benefit of the doubt" is what I said to Vox in a previous post. And I still agree with that. But the jack he's throwing at Shaun Rogers scares the crap out of me. Reports out of Detroit have said he's lazy, not a great locker room guy, and consistently comes into training camp out of shape. I liked the trade even though it was a bit of a risk... but if you're going to rework a contract like that, he better be one of the best D-linemen in the league. We'll see if the trade remotivates Rogers, but I think you need to prove something before getting that kind of a deal... especially when your reputation has come into question like that.

I hope Savage is really a lot smarter than everyone else like I think he is. I hope Romeo is the player's coach that everyone talks about to get Rogers to want to do things right. And I hope Shaun Rogers is motivated to prove everyone else wrong. For that money and commitment, he better be.

By the way... check out his diamond earing. Now he can even bigger ones.