Sunday, January 3, 2016

What CST thinks about Browns-Steelers today

Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
January 3, 2016

Steelers 31, Browns 10

It would seem the sideshow that is the Browns--coach and GM reported to be fired, QB out partying in Vegas with a concussion unless he wasn't, complete joke of an organization--would be the lowest possible point. But it has been here so many times before, often ending with a Steelers loss and a complete reboot.

                                            Steelers 48, Browns 3

The Steelers embarrass the Browns. The stadium will be full of Terrible Towels, which will make the game tough to stomach. Change is coming at some point today. With Mike Pettine willingly throwing the front office, his coaching staff, and anyone else under the bus, should make for an interesting "sources say" article later in the week. I wish all the skeletons would just come out so we can start clean. I'm hopeful they hire someone with LEGIT experience. I'm done with the 1st time GM/coach route which has not worked. After the debacle of a coaching search last time the pool for the Browns job seems pretty shallow.

Steelers 27, Browns 6

Third-string quarterback starting in the last game in a sure-to-be loss against the would-be division rivals, on the eve of the entire front office getting blown out of the airlock. There will come a day when this scenario changes, but this humble Browns fan cannot envision when that day will come.

Steelers 30, Browns 13

If elected, Donald Trump will build a wall around First Energy Stadium to keep out the Pittsburgh rapists! Trump/Haslam 2016!

Steelers 31, Browns 10

System failure...reboot.