Sunday, January 3, 2016

Could Johnny Manziel really have lied again about partying?

What a freaking joke this Cleveland Browns organization is. I'm a supporter of Johnny Manziel as a possible solution for the Browns at QB. I like his game. But it seems obvious that Manziel has some issues, which no armchair psychologist like me should try to diagnose. The fact that he recently lied to the face of his coaches about "partying" after being named starter--given a chance to lead an NFL franchise, makes his character very suspect.

And then Saturday night--the night before the season finale, and just days after Manziel was diagnosed with a concussion and ruled out of said game, USA Today, using "employees and patrons" as their sources, said Manziel was spotted in Vegas.

Then this ridiculous social media exchange happened. Manziel "denied" it by sorta posting that he was home with his dog in Avon, Ohio. An the Planet Hollywood casino totally played along, trolling Manziel with expertise. 
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For one, I really doubt that Manziel would have gone gambling (and likely drinking) in Vegas now, on the eve of a game, after everything that he has been criticized over the last weeks months years. But that said, nothing surprised me any more. If it comes out that he went to Vegas, without permission, and then used Instagram to lie about it? Then forget about him, he can't be trusted any more. Cut bait Monday morning. But I'm really hoping that's not true, and he's starting next September, with the Browns draft picks filling in the substantial gaps around him.