Thursday, January 1, 2015

What CST thinks about Ohio State-Alabama in the Sugar Bowl today

Buckeyes 31, Crimson Tide 27

I really don't know what to think here. The two devastating championship losses to SEC teams and the Michigan State loss last year are still too raw. Yet the last time we saw Cardale Jones and the Buckeyes, they looked terrifying. So I'll just make the homer pick. No score from +40 to -40 would absolutely shock me. In the Rose Bowl, Oregon 31, FSU 17. Please no Jameis Winston to the Browns.

Crimson Tide 31, Buckeyes 21

OSU finds out once again that the Big Ten is not in the same league as the SEC. The talent gap is still too wide to mount a serious challenge. (Editor's note: Wisconsin just beat Auburn.) In Pasadena, Jameis Winston is too much to handle and FSU beats Oregon 44-41. The last unbeaten team stays that way.

Crimson Tide 38, Buckeyes 27

As much as I dislike 'Bama, Nick Saban and the SEC you cannot deny the firepower that makes the conference so dominant year after year. The Crimson Tide will be too much to handle for Urban Meyer and a Buckeyes squad facing a roster of unparalleled talent and spotlight savvy. In the Rose Bowl, Oregon sets the college football world right by defeating the loathsome Jameis Winston and the Seminoles, 42-38.
Buckeyes 27, Crimson Tide 24

Ohio State needs the defense to play out of their minds like they did against Wisconsin. Cardale Jones showed me he can make some plays during his first start, and I'm confident he can do it again. In the Rose Bowl, now that Florida State is playing a good team, after struggling against so many average teams, their streak ends 48-24.

Crimson Tide 43, Buckeyes 38

I'll never subscribe to the Legend of Nick Saban - not after he struggled to achieve mediocrity with the Dolphins and then complained he couldn't fill his NFL roster needs as easily as he could in college. But he squeaks by Urb in a duel befitting a college football playoff. 

Buckeyes 38, Crimson Tide 31

Cardale writes another chapter in his Cinderella story. I'm thinking we get some unexpected production from somebody like Michael Thomas or Jalin Marshall.

Buckeyes XX, Crimson Tide XX

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