Sunday, December 1, 2013

What we think the Browns will do today against the Jaguars (Week 13)

altCleveland Browns vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

December 1, 2013

Browns 15
Jaguars 13

These are the veggies you have to eat after yesterday's wonderful football buffet. Time to put the Christmas lights up.


Jaguars 17
Browns 14

Another December to forget. Winning games or playing for a draft pick, which is more important? Who knows--we can't seem to do either right.

With the boo birds out in full force, Weeden lays an egg.


Browns 10
Jaguars 6

You have entered a strangely familiar place of sight and sound. A place of boredom toward your favorite football team, where every snap is no longer your No. 1 priority on fall Sundays. Take my hand, friend, because you have entered..the Browns Apathy Zone.

Browns 12
Jaguars 10
The Browns were humbled the past two weeks, and so was the Vox, but I think we'll find a win today. Vegas, however, should know our pal BWeeds should never lay a touchdown to any NFL team. Hell, I'm not even sure Weeden should be favored against the Mentor Cardinals.

Jaguars 21
Browns 16

I figure Weeden's good for at least one incredibly disastrous play. Along with too many 3-and-outs by the offense, the defense eventually wears down enough to let the Jags squeak out an ugly victory. 


Browns 40
Jaguars 7

Brandon Weeden flips off the crowd like Marcus Hall.


Jaguars 12
Browns 9

How now bad Browns?