Sunday, November 24, 2013

What we think the Browns will do today against the Steelers (Week 12)

altCleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

November 24, 2013

Browns 23
Steelers 21

Oh who knows. This maybe should be the "Loser Leaves Town Match" indeed. Smart play from Campbell, however, should get the Browns an easy victory.


Browns 17
Steelers 14

This is game will not be fun to watch as both teams will struggle with the cold. Browns pull out the game at the end, finally we can say the Browns are clearly the better team.


Browns 16
Steelers 13

If this franchise wants to emerge from its "typical Browns" stereotype of clownish incompetence, winning games within the division is paramount. A victory today would give Cleveland a guaranteed 3-3 record in the AFC North, so against my better judgment, I'm picking the Browns to take the duke. 

Browns 16
Steelers 13

Here's my BrownsTown pick
No Sunday shtick
We're taking down the Stillers
On a Cundiff kick

Browns 21
Steelers 17

I have a bad feeling that the Pittsburgh D will have a plan for our one-dimensional offense... but since I'm off the entire week for Thanksgiving with a birthday thrown in, I'm in a good mood.


Browns 23

Steelers 13

This may be the four helpings of Muni Lot Hobo Chili talking, but I really like the Browns today. 


Steelers 24
Browns 17

I remember wondering, when the Steelers were 0-4, whether they would end up with a better record than the Browns.