Sunday, November 17, 2013

What we think the Browns will do today against the Bengals (Week 11)

altCleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

November 17, 2013

Browns 27
Bengals 17

Seriously, I'm shocked to care this much about the Browns in mid November after that 0-2 start. Biggest game in years? Who knows. But they should be able to win with Campbell.


No pick this week

No pick this week.


Browns 20
Bengals 14

Today is a massive swing game not just for the season, but for the franchise. My head advises caution but my heart says, "What the hell, why not today?" 

Browns 24
Bengals 23
Look, nobody in town handicaps the Browns like the Vox. I went 11-2 in this space last year and I'm leading CST with a 7-2 mark this season. But this week is rough; I've changed my mind at least a dozen times. And it's because I want this game so badly. So, Hello Again Neil Diamond famously crooned "I put my heart above my head."

Bengals 24
Browns 21

Let's all take a deep breath. I like where this team is headed and actually have confidence in the coaching staff... something I haven't had since they settled on Chris Palmer in '99. But Cleveland fans are the Rick Grimes of the NFL - every time we think we've made a break through, a flesh eating walker, nut-job Governor, or dangerous virus is there to knock us back a whole bunch of steps. I refuse to let my guard down this time.


Browns 23

Bengals 20

This would make me happy.


Bengals 23
Browns 20

I want to believe. Sports radio says this is the biggest game in 6, maybe 29 years. But I've seen this show before.