Monday, November 18, 2013

"How Come Quickies" from our friend who doesn't exist on the Internet

Yes it's true, we have a friend who claims he doesn't exist on the internet. No facebook, no Tumblr, no tweeting nor Foursquaring. But once in a while he fires off an email, likely from his IBM PC Jr., and this time it included some How Come Quickies. One had to be edited out since it was such a private joke, between just one of our college roommates and Les Levine, circa mid-1990s.

How come quickies for the week...... 

How come in Fantasy we start 2 RBs and 2 Recievers? 

How come we run Trent out of town because of yards per carry but Obby goes 4.5, 4.6, 3.8 and 5.3 in the last 4 years and can't get any carries?

How come nobody rushes for more than 441 yards in a game in 18 years and 2 do it this year in D3?

How come Missouri is considered good and their top two wins were against two teams not even in the BCS top 25 anymore, Florida and Georgia?

How come people think FSU schedule is so much tougher when they each will have played one top 25 BCS team at the end of the year? And if we win out we play Michigan St in the championship game and if they win out they play Duke in the championship team. And Michigan State is better in basketball and football than Duke.

How come people are too stupid to not see what I see?

How come people think the SEC is so great but a team the Big 10 wouldn't take leads their east division just a year after joining the SEC?

How come the SEC does not sponsor Men's soccer?

How come LSU's biggest wins are against TCU 4-7 and Florida 4-6, I'd say Auburn too, but their only win is against Texas A&M (who is crap).

How can anyone look at South Carolina's and Texas A&M's schedule and put them ahead of Michigan St? I could respect Fresno State and Northern Illinois ahead of Michigan St more. 

How come even though Kyrie has missed a handful of game winners this year I still want him to have it 100% of the time.

How come Kyrie has had so many opportunities for game winners in 3 years?

How come at the beginning of the year when I watched Toledo almost beat Florida and play Missouri I though it would of been a big upset? Now I think they should be favored if they played now? (Answer: Kareem Hunt is now playing and averaging 6.8 a carry, finally getting some carries the last 4 games averaging around 130 a game)

How come it means more to lose to Alabama then to beat other teams?

How come the last round of Family Feud is worth more than all the other rounds?

How come the Cavs do not recognize how good CJ Miles is playing?

How come Pryor gets suspended for 5 game for trading autographs for tatoos but Johnny Football gets a 1/2 game suspension for selling for cash? And Peter Warrick got 2 games for shoplifting by using his status as a football player?

How come I can write a long email and not an article?