Friday, January 13, 2012

Dreams of the playoffs running through my head...

Winter seems finally to be approaching (and none too soon, as there's supposed to be an ice hockey game at the local ballfield this weekend, and last time I checked, ice was needed for that.) Christmas may be long gone, but I know that poem has something about kerchiefs and caps and long winter's naps, and dreams of point guards running through their heads.
Or something.  But that's what I'll be thinking about, Kyrie Irving led the Cavs to a huge win Thursday during a very tough road trip, in Phoenix. This team is nothing like last year's. At least not like last January's.
Opinions differ here at CST on what is the best outcome to the season for the young Cavs. And I sure as hell don't know. But I'm rooting for the playoffs.
Here's a link to a disgusting move by Irving, since doesn't allow embedding.

Kyrie Irving