Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Chosen One has company

Kyrie IrvingComparing current Cavaliers rookie and overall #1 pick Kyrie Irving to another certain Cavalier #1 overall pick may be as unfair as comparing WWE's diminutive but lightning-quick Rey Mysterio to the muscular, larger-than-life legend Hulk Hogan. So I did it anyway, comparing their first twelve professional games. I knew Kyrie was having a very good start to his career and it would be at least worth looking at the stats next that Guy in Miami's, but I was shocked by how comparable the stats are - particularly the points per game (PPG), considering Kyrie is averaging thirteen LESS minutes per game. Ultimately, there is one stat that matters when comparing Kyrie to LeBron in a Cavaliers uniform: Championships.God willing - Kyrie will be on the plus side.

Kyrie vs. LeBron - the First 12 Games

Averages LeBron Kyrie
Minutes per game 40.75 27.75
Field goal % .444 .482
3 pt. % .355 .419
Free throw % .620 .867
Assists per game 6.7 5.3
Rebounds per game 6.5 3.2
Steals per game 1.3 .8
Blocks per game .8 .6
Turnovers per game 3.67 3.25
Points per game 17.5 17.7
Team Record 4-8 6-6