Saturday, November 26, 2011

What we think will happen vs. that team up north today

Ohio State Buckeyes at Michigan Wolverines

November 26, 2011


Buckeyes 24
Wolverines 17
I'd almost given up on Braxton Miller earlier in the season but he has done much to impress since then. Unfortunately he still is a freshman and that shows up too often. Oh yeah, our soon to be ex-coach is a frosh too. I think the history of the game overwhelms any distraction from the Urban Meyer chatter and the Bucks pull off a win.

Buckeyes 17
Wolverines 13
The last game before Urban Meyers arrival is a solid win for the Buckeyes. The Seniors graduate never having lost to that Team Up North.

Wolverines 23
Buckeyes 21
If there's a year the Wolverines are going to get theirs against the Buckeyes, it's going to be this one. Ohio State will cover but Michigan will take the duke on their home field.

Buckeyes 17
Wolverines 16
Bucks pull off the upset as Coach Fickell is carried off the field like Earle Bruce..and into the waiting jaws of Urban Meyer.

School up north 26
Buckeyes 20
Ann Arbor is still a whore.

Buckeyes 23
Wolverines 20
The Buckeyes have consistently played up/down to their competition all year. They played their best game of the year against Wisconsin, the team that I believe is by far the best in the Big Ten. Michigan more have more talent then the Buckeyes this year but my gut tells me the D steps up and controls Robinson. Luke Fickell gets carried off the field just like Earl Bruce 24 years ago.

Let's Party Columbus!

Buckeyes 24
Wolverines 20
The "D" is going to have to hang tough and win the turnover battle to pull this one off. I think they do just that, while Braxton Miller improvises and Krenzel's us to victory.