Sunday, November 20, 2011

What we think will happen vs. the Jaguars (Week 11)

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns

November 20, 2011


Browns 15
Jaguars 14
The fact that I am still getting all dressed up in orange and brown to watch this game says a lot about my loyalty, or intelligence, or both. The offense we have been subject to this year should qualify us all for a purple heart. I think the Browns D can hold the paltry Jacksonville offense, so if Young Colt can put the ball into Greg Little's hands a bit more...

Jaguars 17
Browns 6
No offense this week once again, except for the leg of Phil Dawson. The Browns will have trouble against a very good defense. The boo birds will be out and it will not be pretty.

Browns 14
Jaguars 10
The Browns opened up the offense last week and still couldn't put pigskin in the pen. This week they face an equally awful offense and a banged up secondary. If Cleveland's going to make any kind of hay the rest of the year, it will have to be today, so...

Jaguars 10
Browns 6
Last week I broke my self-imposed rule of never picking the Browns again. The Jags have one thing our sad resemblance of an offense does not - a weapon (Maurice Jones Drew). The ultimate question is will I once again (for some inexplicable reason) suffer through the entire game, or wisely choose to do yard work, help clean the house, or some other productive chore?

Jaguars 20
Browns 16
I've always had a man-crush on Jack Del Rio, especially when he coaches in his Jaguars leather jacket. In fact, Jack bears a slight resemblance to the handsome CSTer below. Looks alone should be enough to beat the Browns.

Browns 17
Jaguars 13
They got in the red zone a few times last week which was encouraging. This week I think we get in the end zone and beat a team that doesn't have much talent outside of Jones-Drew.

Jaguars 17
Browns 9
I kind of wish the NFL would go the way of the NBA right now.