Sunday, October 16, 2011

What we think will happen vs. the Raiders (Week 6)

Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders

October 16, 2011


Browns 24
Raiders 23
I thought the Black Hole was a name for the Browns' and Buckeyes' passing games. Turns out they have sociopath fans on the West Coast, too! If Colt McCoy can put any balls on the money deep, the Browns could pull this off. If not, then not. Defense needs to come up strong too. So why am I picking them? Because I'm a shameless homer? No, because I don't believe in the Raiders.

Browns 13
Raiders 10
Browns head into the Black Hole looking to find themselves after a distraction filled bye week. The game won't be pretty, but the Browns will put something together in a low scoring win. If not the distractions will grow as they always seem to do with the Browns, no matter who's in charge.

Raiders 23
Browns 14 
The games you don't expect the Browns to win are the ones they inexplicably do. I don't think it's in the cards this week, though. Too many distractions and too much Run DMC spell doom for our boys.

Browns 21
Raiders 28
The Browns are going to have to prove to me that they can fly across the country and beat ANY team... let alone a decent team.

Raiders 24
Browns 17

Bottom line: Browns' two wins came against teams that are a combined 0-9. No reason to be optimistic with Coach Shurmur severely struggling in his dual role.


Raiders 21
Browns 17
Browns keep it close but Oakland plays off the emotions of Al and gets the win. McFadden outshines Hillis in the battle of former Razorbacks.

No pick
No pick this week.