Saturday, October 1, 2011

What we think will happen for Ohio State vs. the Spartans today...

Michigan State Spartans at Ohio State Buckeyes

October 1, 2011


Buckeyes 24
Spartans 10
As much as it pained me to watch Braxton Miller "just tuck the ball in and run" as a possible solution to the OSU QB problems, his obvious talent should continue to improve the offense. This game can go a hundred different ways, Ohio State can score 49 points or 3 points and it wouldn't totally shock me. But with a pretty solid defense and Bauserman coming in to spell Miller at times, OSU should handle Michigan State with relative ease.

Spartans 17
Buckeyes 14
Braxton Miller has a tough game at home against Michigan State. He will show flashes of things to come, but ultimately the Buckeyes will struggle on offense. A late FG puts Michigan State on top. 

Buckeyes 17
Spartans 14
Bigtime "show me" game for the Buckeyes. Spartans defense is statistically one of the best in the nation, but that was against cupcake opponents, and they looked wretched against Notre Dame. Their o-line is a patchwork, although OSU must tackle better than it has early on. Defense will rule the day, with a game-changing Spartans' turnover making the difference in the end.

Buckeyes 21
Spartans 17
Michigan State is college football's version of Steve Blackman. Lots of talent, high aspirations, under achieves - and they do it year after year. Losing to (getting destroyed by) Notre Name shows that this year is no different. Ohio State does just enough to get over.

Buckeyes 26
Spartans 16
Sparty, after we beat you today, I'll immediately trade you our victory for your win in '98.

Buckeyes 16
Spartans 10
I think this game could be ugly. Braxton Miller will continue with some growing pains and will likely be required to throw the ball some unlike against Colorado. I think this will end up being a 3 or 4 loss season for the Buckeyes but they can squeak this one out at home against a very average Michigan State.

No pick this week.