Friday, February 18, 2011

A couple thoughts about Blake Griffin's dunks...

Deadspin has put together a thoroughly enjoyable collection of virtually every dunk by Blake Griffin this year. Obviously he is fun to watch. But a couple things stood out to me.

First--Many of his dunks are so powerful that the ball gets through the rim, net, and maybe sonic barrier faster than I've ever seen before.

Second--Even without a running start, Griffin gets so much momentum that he has to hang or swing on the rim just to avoid falling on his skull.  And not once did I think that he was showboating in the very least.  Noted clearly at the 1:08, 1:23 point, but especially at the 1:30 mark.

Third--Every time he has a pure breakaway, that is a clear indication that (a) the crowd gets collectively excited, probably especially Bill Simmons, and (b) they will be disappointed, because almost every one of the breakaways ends with the simplest one- or two-handed jams.

Fourth-The exact opposite happens when someone is in between him and the hoop.  Simply amazing.

Fifth-Griffin will almost certainly try to take one on JJ Hickson's head next time the Clippers and Cavaliers meet.  That will be fun.

Enjoy.  Thanks Deadspin!

Video after the jump.

Here Is Almost Every Blake Griffin Dunk From The Season Thus Far from Deadspin on Vimeo.