Monday, February 21, 2011

NCAA basketball shakeup and it's murky at the top

After a crazy week in college basketball where each of the top four teams lost, the polls released this President's Day just add to the confusion which makes college basketball so interesting. Even though I could never claim to be a huge college basketball fan, I love Ohio State, March Madness, and the Big Ten basketball season, in that order.  I never sit around on a Wednesday night watching Clemson and North Carolina play a regular season game or anything (unlike, say, football, where I'd basically watch any game.)

But I can't wait until the first Thursday of the NCAA Tournament, the absolute best day of the sports year.  (By a nose over NFL championship Sunday, and of course baseball's Opening Day.)

Regardless, the Buckeyes are fun to watch, even though they are not invincible as some people started telling themselves just a couple weeks ago (when the Cavaliers appeared to be on their way to 8-74, mind you).  Of course, none of these polls really matter, because the champion is crowned on the floor.  But that doesn't mean a #1 seed doesn't give you a lot better shot of tasting champagne ginger ale at the end.  And Ohio State losing two tough games to top 10 conference opponents on the road, and no other losses, seems like a pretty good resume to me.

This week, Duke jumped from #5 to #1 in the coaches poll, after losses by then-#1 Kansas (in a blowout at Kansas State), #2 Texas (at Nebraska), #4 Pittsburgh (to St. John's), and of course the Buckeyes in West Lafayette to now-#8 Purdue.  The new poll is Duke-Kansas-Ohio State-San Diego State-Texas-Pittsburgh.

The AP poll has Duke at #1, followed by OSU, Kansas, Pittsburgh, Texas, and San Diego State.  Funny thing is that OSU has 10 #1 votes, and four votes at #6.  Crazy differences in opinion between voters, and coaches and writers.  But then again, who cares?  March brings madness.  And no confusion.

Link to all the polls at CBS here.