Friday, January 2, 2009

Vox Wild Card Playoff Pix


While many observers credit Coach Crennel for keeping his mouth shut while Dr. Phil and management rendered him powerless, I consider Romeo's silence and lack of assertiveness another indictment of his pathetic tenure as HC of the CB. I understand about staying in tune for the sake of club harmony, but if I'm going to fail...I'm going to fucking fail My Way. Phil, if you want to pick my coaches and tell me when Brady should play, then you coach the goddamn team. I'm gone, Phil. I have enough problems with in-game strategy, clock management and my players coming out flat almost every week. I don't need to be micro-managed by a glorified scout with a poor draft record. You do the fucking press conferences, Phil. I've never had anything intelligent to say, but you are an absolute catastrophe when dealing with the media. Hey, on draft day 2007, Savage wore a Ravens T-shirt under his dress shirt and tie for good luck...and then proudly admitted it to the press! F U Phil, go root for Baltimore.

Thanks for posting, Tom. Like everyone reading, I have been maniacally following sports in this town for a quarter century and I have NEVER, EVER experienced an executive with PR skills as poor as those of Phillip Savage. And I have never seen a coach as bad as Romeo. That includes Butch, Chris "Runaway Train" Palmer, Randy Wittman, Coach Luke, Pat Corrales, Belicheat, Bud Carson when the bottom fell out in 1990, Terry Robiskie, Randy Ayers, Doc Edwards, See You Next Tuesday Silas, etc. I repeat: I have never seen a GM as clueless with basic communication as Savage and a coach so unprepared on game day as Romeo. They say Romeo is the nicest guy in the NFL and Phil is an upstanding Christian; God Bless'em both and I'll see them in the promised land, but right now I'm just looking forward to sundays in the fall free of embarrassment and void of slow linebackers, jackass receivers, meaningless field goals, inexperienced corners and low-IQ quarterbacks.

Kevin, nice analysis. I'm looking forward to friday night for the pure circumstance of it, but the Cavs-Celtics "showdown" won't mean all that much unless we end up with the same record. The media will be blowing this game waaaay out of proportion because of the winning percentages (much like they did with Boston and LA on Xmas day), but you can be sure SVAC will have some perspective. It's nice for the fans, but it's one game in January that nobody will remember when we see the Celts in May. Z is out and even if Boston wins, they can't beat us at the Q in the playoffs and they know it. We outscored them in our series last year, and we'll run them at the Fleet center because we're hungrier, better coached and we have the best player on the floor. That being said, Boston is more dangerous than I ever envisioned. Rondo is playing almost flawless and Doc has their role players running on all cylinders. But they're going to miss Posey bailing them out with big threes as the shot clock expires. And they won't have PJ Brown to save them anymore. Cavs are George McFly this season and the Finals are our density, Lorraine.

To the business at hand--

Falcons 28 Cards 27
Chargers 33 Colts 28
Dolphins 20 Ravens 9
Eagles 24 Vikings 17

2008 Regular Season: 25-20-3