Saturday, January 10, 2009

A statement game

Well I just sat on my couch on an extremely snowy Chicago morning and watched the Cavaliers dominate the Celtics again on DVR, and I enjoyed it as much as last night. Not sure if that makes me a total geek or what, but this is a good feeling! It was a statement, now they need to do it on the road.

Obviously at this point the Cavs are a much better team than the Celtics. I know there are ups and downs to a season, but it is hard for me to fathom how this team started 27-2. They just don't have the depth of the Cavaliers. Now, I know the Cavs can hit a shooting slump very fast and drop an easy game, but the way they look tonight is how they looked during their winning streak. And Lebron during a game looks nothing like the 4th grader he was acting like during that Olympics practice video.

This January stretch will be a test. Good teams on the road, that's about all that's slowed down the Cavs this year. (Oh, and the Washington Wizards once.)