Friday, November 21, 2008

Michigan Fan Gameday Checklist

1. Wake up at 10:00 am and realize you are late for your pizza delivery job.

2. Roll over to check how many teeth the 300 lb. skank you picked up last night has.

3. Salute your John Cooper Fathead.

4. Pop in your Beta Max tape from 15 years ago to relive the days when Michigan actually mattered on the National scene.

5. Count how many wins your team has this year.

6. Realize you can't count that high.

7. Watch your team get destroyed by an AVERAGE Ohio State team.

8. Start referring to your own school as "That School Up North" out of utter embarrassment.

9. Go back to bed with your 300 lb. skank.

10. Start counting down the days until next year's game, but realize you don't know how many days are in a year.