Monday, November 3, 2008

Now what?

We’re halfway through the NFL season, but it seems the Browns’ season ended the moment Derek Anderson’s wayward screen pass landed in the arms of Terrell Suggs.

Where do fans go from here? I really don’t want to watch the Thursday night game against Denver. What is the point of rooting for D.A., who will undoubtedly be the starting QB on such a short week, when victory will only prolong his tenure of rocket-armed inconsistency? Why should I pull for Romeo Crennel when I know he’s incapable of preparing his team from week to week? A win against a mediocre Denver team means little after yesterday’s eye-opening loss.

Eye-opening because after nine-plus years the Browns still have no true identity. Are they a passing team? Will they try and cram the ball down opposition’s throats with the run? Will they rely on hard-hitting defense and field position to get the job done? Who the hell knows? It seemed last year that the team was building a reputation as an offensive club with a solid line and numerous weapons. Injuries and poor play this year have scotched that plan. Meanwhile, the defense has one consistent playmaker, and a coach who claims his squad lacked the “energy” to finish off a division rival at home.

How very sad…and very revealing.

So…I bid you adieu, Romeo. Same with D.A….team management is delusional if they think this team has a chance at the postseason, even in a down year for the AFC. I want to see Quinn starting the Monday-nighter against Buffalo. The franchise’s future depends on it. That future does not include Romeo or D.A., so why wait?