Monday, April 21, 2008

Well that was nice and relaxing (Game 2 report)

What can you say---when the Cavaliers start making shots from outside--thanks Wally--it starts making everything else easier.  Didn't love the free throw shooting, and it goes without saying that this game was a bit <strike>violent</strike> chippy, but I liked the Cavs in this.  And yes, I know, it doesn't take a lot of guts to say you liked it when your team wins a playoff game by 30.  But I haven't exactly seen anything like that before, at least in my lifetime.

Wally:  money tonight.  After I spent the first 4 minutes bemoaning the Cavs' outside shooting.
LeBron:  That dunk where he cut through two guys and was touch-fouled (no call) on his way to a "wide open" dunk (thanks Reggie Miller) was one of the finest plays I've ever seen him make.  He looked like MJ and the announcers even alluded to that.
Z:  What can you say. 
Varajao:  Maybe, once a game, back to the basket, you can dribble.  Maybe.