Monday, April 21, 2008

Jekyll and Hyde

Mike Brown has taken his shots from a lot of people over the years, and especially this season (myself included) but I'm beginning to believe.. or just accept... that Coach Brown's style, and subsequently his team, are just made for the playoffs. As painful as it is to sit through a Mike Brown coached regular season, something happens in the playoffs. His teams come to play. Yes we have Lebron, but there's no denying that while Brown's defensive obsessiveness (and lack of offensive fluidity) wears thin as the regular season progresses, it is tailor made for the post season. They play lock down defense when it matters, led by Lebron himself. That's a reflection of Coach Brown. Aside from Popovich, he has out coached just about everyone he has faced in the playoffs each year. I don't know if that says more about Brown, or less about Eddie Jordan and Flip Saunders.

He's the all time leader in playoff victories as coach in Cavalier history. I believe his record after tonight's win is 21-10?

Tonight's win was a clinic. I pray they don't give it all back in Washington.