Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wow! Bowl Playoff reactions to the author

Dan Wetzel reports that he has gotten over 3,000 emails about his comments (95% positive), and over a million views.  A few of which I hope came from this page. 
As he posts and responds to many of the emails (and a much higher proportion of negative ones) , a few interesting facts that I learned
This won't be reported on any ESPN/ABC outlet because of the sheer power of two of their biggest conferences (Big Ten and Pac-10), and the crazy conflicting fact that they OWN five bowls, the Las Vegas, Hawaii, Armed Forces, New Mexico and
Any argument about how much the players play ignores that the NCAA added a twelfth (and sometimes, like OSU in 2001-2, a thirteenth game), and that they are in for more plays per game than the pros.  Last weekend there were 16 NFL games and 17 college games involving teams ranked in the AP top 25. On average, the pro games featured 127.3 plays from scrimmage. The college games averaged 147.9. That's 20.6 more plays, or an additional 16.2 percent.
There are often times many open seats at championship games (football and basketball).  I can vouch that that wasn't the case last year in Arizona, although, because Buckeyes fans travel well (and that's an understatement.)