Sunday, November 11, 2007

We're Number Seven!

Well maybe the doubters were right, maybe not, but nevertheless, nine years after #1 Ohio State fell to unranked and off-and-on-struggling Michigan State, the scene repeated itself in Columbus versus the Illini from the University of Illinois. Not much to say about this one except that I sarcastically said "Quarterback Draw" right before the second of four QB draw runs by "Juice" on Saturday, and the Buckeyes defense still couldn't stop it. WTF? That's about all the analysis I could muster on the game.

Not to make excuses, because even the diehard Buckeyes fans can't pretend that they are the powerhouse this year they looked like last year*, but explain to me again why a team is penalized for losing their one game in November instead of September or October, again? Why does every other level of college football not care about their student athletes and have them play in a playoff system? And why couldn't the NCAA find a way to monetize the playoffs in the framework of the current bowl system?

Ecstasy into Agony, the story of Cleveland (and Ohio) sports in 2007. Still being written, I'm sure.

(*in the regular season)