Monday, November 19, 2007

Are they finally bouncing our way?

Wow.  Hard to believe that the Browns actually got a call (correct as it may be) that reversed a loss and gave us the ability to win.  I have never seen a ball bounce through the crossbars and back, but you would think that two referees standing ten feet away would have been able to make the correct call.  (See the video here.)  Don Banks on points out that the controversy is far from over in this one.  As the Ravens' PR team pointed out in detail, field goals are explicitly not reviewable.  And everyone and their mother knows that instant replay was used, whether it was the referee going into the (functioning??) replay booth, them getting a call from upstairs, or merely looking up at the ginormous scoreboard and seeing the screwed up call.  At least the right call was finally made. 
Regardless, Cleveland won, Pittsburgh lost, and we are a game and a half behind them (we'd lose a tie, obviously).  And John Clayton has dubbed this "The Immaculate Deflection".
Buckeyes make it four straight in Ann Arbor, Lebron takes over against the biggest a-hole in pro sports, and all is well in Cleveland for a weekend.  Does Larry Hughes being out for a month make it a better weekend, or a worse weekend.  The fact that it's up for debate says a pretty big amount about him.