Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Hate......

1- pitch counts

2- 1-batter relievers

3- hitters standing at home plate admiring their home runs

4- chicks that crave attention from as many guys as possible

5- my left hand

6- the phrase "at the end of the day"

7- the NBA's non-traveling calls

8- Vader's inferiority complex around the Emperor

9- nothing about Entourage

10- the DH

11- Kyle Farnsworth

12- reality TV

13- Taco Bell

14- the fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt hasn't gotten naked in a movie

15- how effing short life is

16- self-absorbed people

17- how the warden treated Andy (revenge is sweet)

18- these poker players on TV who have played for 5 years & think they're geniuses

19- traffic

20- Marbury

21- Paris Hilton's face

22- that Conan will probably sell out on his raunchy jokes when he moves to 11:30

23- loose change

24- Jim "Boy band on the side" Dolan

25- humidity

26- Tabitha

27- Christie's tires (kidding!)

28- 7 a.m.

29- my lack of propinquity to the Jake

30- Long Island's skank epidemic

31- that i can't throw as hard as I could when I was 16

32- that everyone's out to "get theirs"

33- people who talk trash on pogo.com

34- rolling rock

35- that I'm in dead last in fantasy baseball