Sunday, August 19, 2007

Put Quinn In?

Dorsey, Anderson.
Frye, Quinn. I say play whose
ass the Buckeyes kicked.

Okay bad haiku, but then again, it's not Wednesday. Even the biggest optimists on this board (hmmm...) can hopefully see that Frye and Anderson are not the answer. Now I realize that Dorsey and Quinn looked good against substandard talent, but still. It wasn't Quinn's dump-off assisted stats, but the throws he made, and not to mention the poise in clock management, was impressive. Final stats: 13-20 (including 4 spikes). Two or three very impressive throws.

A lot more impressive than the DA drive that led to third-and-2 from the 7-yard line. Confusion at the line: timeout. 6 yard run to the 1 yard line. More confusion: delay of game. Immediate next play: more confusion, timeout. False start, 5 yard penalty. Interception. You could have bottled that series up and it would have reminded me of so many Browns games in the past 7 years. Tony Grossi comments that "Anderson could be in the process of playing himself off the team." He also says that he is told that Frye was told three times last week to throw the ball away if there wasn't anyone open inside the 5; instead he ran it to the two and time ran out. Genius.

Personally, beyond giving Brady some serious reps next week with the first team, I am not sure what the proper move for the season opener is. Let Brady experience game-speed conditions from the bench for a few weeks (and in the meantime, get Crennel fired), or throw him in there and see what he can do. People will point to Tim Couch but obviously (on paper) the O-line should be a lot stronger and so he won't be on his 4% body fat ass all that often. The fan base will almost certainly be calling for him to play, either at first, or on every Charlie Frye overthrow.

The PD also reports the "new" crackdown on fan behavior. There are nine offenses that can lead to ejection, arrest, and arrest and loss of ticket privileges for future games. They are using foul language or gestures; throwing objects onto the field; entering the playing field or interfering with the progress of the game; interfering with others' ability to enjoy the game; wearing obscene or indecent clothing; refusing to show your ticket stub when asked by a stadium representative; attempting to sit in seats without the proper ticket; excessive standing; and smoking. I seriously hope arrest is not the penalty for "excessive standing." Two (related) things I notice missing from that list: public drunkenness and vomiting. Thank goodness.

Jim Ingraham of the News-Herald points out an unsettling fact:

The Indians have now been bad for longer than they were good.
You could look it up.
For the first two months of the season, April and May, they were 33-19.
For the last 2 1/2 months, since June 1, they are 33-35.
I'm no Branch Rickey, but those numbers would seem to indicate there is a greater likelihood that by the end of this season the Indians will be looked upon as not a very good team rather than as a legitimately good one.
Todd Boeckman will apparently be the Buckeyes' starting QB.

Hoynsie answers a mailbag comment that must be a joke. Right??: "I think the Tribe will be fine when they get David Dellucci's right-handed bat and defense in the lineup. He's a proven winner." Notice that Dellucci is left handed.