Sunday, September 11, 2016

What CST thinks about Browns-Eagles today

Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles
September 11, 2016

Eagles 33, Browns 20

Praying that RG3 shows signs of life, along with the new receiving corps and Duke. And that the defense can hold Carson Wentz under 35 points. He could have been a Brown, but we will never regret it.

Eagles 28, Browns 10

Carson Wentz doesn't light the world on fire, but looks more then capable against the Browns porous defense. The offense looks ok, but struggles to come up with anything on third down. Get ready to see a lot of punting. It's 68 degrees and partly sunny today in Cleveland, spend time with the kids, work in the yard, read a book at the park, do something else...there is nothing to see here.

Eagles 24, Browns 13

So begins the death march that is the 2016 Browns season. Journalists have an expression that goes, 'Root for the story,' so maybe Cleveland can beat passed over rookie QB Carson Wentz and keep the media at bay for a week. However, even if Wentz puts up 300 yards and three touchdowns, it's because the Browns are horrible, not that Wentz is Johnny Unitias.
Browns 17 Eagles 13

Carson Wentz played at North Dakota State and has played 1 preseason game. I hope Ray Horton can come up with a game plan to confuse Wentz even with our awful defense. Somewhat excited to see if RGIII can revive his career. Browns snap opener losing streak.

Browns 19, Eagles 17

Because I'd rather not wake up in a world where the Browns were wrong about Carson Wentz.

Browns 42, Eagles 10

The Browns roll into Philadelphia with all the freight-train momentum of Glorious Alpha Demigod Trump's march to the White House.
Eagles 24, Browns 17

The Browns may lose today, but defeat will be but a sour memory when God Emperor Trump takes the Oval Office in two months.

Eagles 35, Browns 14

The Cavs won the championship.