Sunday, September 25, 2016

What CST thinks about Browns-Dolphins today

Browns at Dolphins
September 26, 2016

Browns 20, Dolphins 19

Miracles can happen. After all, Stephen Curry was the unanimous MVP and Golden State won a record 73 games, but the Warriors still blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals.

Dolphins 24, Browns 10 

The Browns offer up a another quarterback for sacrifice this week. Major issues on the offensive line make for a long day against the loaded Miami front 4. After showing little in the preseason Kessler fails to show why the Browns reached so high for him in the draft. It's 70 degrees and sunny, with multiple fall fests to take your kids to, so go out and enjoy the day.

Dolphins 20, Browns 9 

There's no modern sports franchise as bad and as luckless as the Browns. Cleveland radio yakkers talk about the disease infecting this organization and everyone that comes into contact with it, and it's hard to dispute such hyperbole after the past week. Coleman and Nassib going out is especially painful, as their progress was something to be positive about. I'm not expecting an all-out disaster on Sunday, just a workmanlike beating that Cody Kessler hopefully survives.
Dolphins 27, Browns 10 

This game has a week 17 feel to it. It feels like the season is over and we are on our 3rd string QB. Hoping Cody Kessler is the second coming of Carson Wentz.

Dolphins 30, Browns 6

We're pacing at 16 QBs in 16 games. No way Cody Kessler plays next week, so here are my Starting Quarterback Predictions for the rest of the season: Week 4: Charlie Whitehurst, Week 5: Pat Devlin, Week 6: Terrelle Pryor, Week 7: Brady Quinn, Week 8: Peyton Manning (favor to Mr. Haslam), Week 9: Brett Favre (favor to Brett), Week 10: Don Strock, Week 11: JR Smith, Week 12: Richard Dean Anderson, Week 13: Andre Knott, Week 14: John Wayne Bobbitt, Week 15: Ronda Rousey, Week 16: TRUMP (guaranteed win!)


Dolphins 32, Browns 10

Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill has played every game since being drafted with the 8th pick in 2012. The Browns are on their 3rd QB in three games this season. Oh... and the Browns pick in 2012? Trent Richardson, 3rd overall. Tannehill isn't the second coming of Joe Montana, but that's a stark contrast in draft success and/or luck.

Browns 42, Dolphins 10

Browns thrash Dolphins, just like future God King Donald Trump will devastate Shillary in tomorrow night's debate!