Saturday, December 6, 2014

What CST thinks about Ohio State-Wisconsin today

Actual final: Ohio State 59, Wisconsin 0.

Ohio State 31, Wisconsin 27

Our new quarterback is roughly the size of JJ Watt. That rules. Defense bends quite a bit to Wisconsin's running game but Ohio State scores enough to win. Still going to get shut out of the playoffs due to that stinker against Virginia Tech.

Ohio State 31, Wisconsin 28

OSU pulls out the win despite the backup of the backup quarterback running the show. And OSU is playoff bound.

Ohio State 21, Wisconsin 17

The loss of JT Barrett will keep Ohio State out of the title picture, but Urban's system is strong enough for Cardale Jones to lead the Buckeyes in a close one over the Badgers.
Ohio State 34, Wisconsin 31

Let's hope it's the system and not the quarterback.

Wisconsin 41, Ohio State 37

Before the season started, John Cooper told a media member that Cardale Jones can play Quarterback. Say what you want about Coop, but he instinctively knows talent. The problem, however, is that OSU's defense is similar to just about every D-1 NCAA team: non-existant.

Ohio State 35, Wisconsin 30

I'm sure I'm making this pick based on wishful thinking, but Cardale channels his inner Kenny G, pulls out a game-winner, and becomes legendary.

Wisconsin 27, Ohio State 17

Can't overcome playing with a third string QB.  

Ohio State 20, Wisconsin 0

All of my teams win by 20 this weekend.